Business Planning

Business owners have special needs.  Most successful businesses are born with an idea and grow with hard work. It takes foresight and an comprehensive planning.  No business can be successful without a long-range plan and support.  It is difficult to separate the financial needs and goals of your business from your personal needs and goals.  Often, it is the success of your business that allows you to realize important personal goals such as owning a home, educating your children, developing and funding a plan to pass on your business, and retiring comfortably.  That is why it is important to consider an approach that addresses both your business and personal needs, and where these needs intersect. I can help you anticipate those needs.

Supplemental Executive Benefits - whether they are uniquely designed executive bonus plans to attract, reward and retain your key talent, or insurance planning to protect you and your partners in the event of death or disability,  I will work with you and your other trusted advisors to help you develop strategies that are designed to help accomplish your specific financial objectives.

Business Succession - What will happen to your business when you retire, or if you become permanently disable or die?  What is the value of your business?  How much is each owner's share worth?  As a business owner, you are aware of how many years you have invested into your business.  It is only natural to want the business to continue.  But will it?  Because business succession planning is one of the areas that I specialize in, I can help you answer these and other questions.  Together we can develop a well developed, holistic plan to help ensure a smooth transfer of your business.

Key-Person Insurance - If your key employee's departure is planned, as in the case of retirement or voluntary separation of service, you can prepare for the loss and take steps to minimize its impact.  However, if the employee becomes disabled or dies, the loss is unpredictable and leaves your business exposed to financial risks. I can help you develop solutions.

When it comes to your various business needs, there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach.  In most cases, the specifics are entirely dependent upon your own personal specifics and those of your business.  That is where I come in.  Whether you are concerned for your own financial needs, those of your family or those of your business, I can help you identify your insurance and investment needs, and provide comprehensive solutions for achieving a financially secure future.